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Repro Toy Parts

Reproduction Toy Parts

During my spare time, I've been molding a few reproduction parts for collectible toys. I have used the plastic molding skills I learned while building my Lost in Space Robot to mold some items that I was in need of at one time or another. All are molded from originals and are as close to the originals as possible.

You can buy them directly from me for the prices shown below. Send me a note if you are interested. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Shipping is $4.50 in the US. If you want to try molding your own reproduction parts, check out my New Silicone Mold Making How-to Guide in the menu on the left.

The Gilbert 007 Aston Martin was a classic battery operated tin car produced in Japan in the 1960's. I had one as a kid (still do) and fondly remember playing with it often. The car comes up on eBay quite often, but at premium prices. When the price is reasonable, it is usually missing parts or the passenger has a broken post. That's why I started making these reproductions parts.

James Bond Gilbert Aston Martin
Replacement Passenger (Ejector Seat Guy)
$35 Each

James Bond Gilbert Aston Martin
Replacement DRIVER
This is JB himself!
$35 Each

James Bond Gilbert Aston Martin
Replacement Mirrors
$25 Set

James Bond Gilbert Aston Martin
Replacement Bumpers Overriders
$10 Set

Secret Sam
Replacement Orange Button
$5 Each

Twilight Zone
Mystic Seer Devil Head
$35 Each

To the left is my Devil Head in action on top of a TZ Mystic Seer machine I made. You may remember this from the Twilight Zone episode "Nick of Time". It sits there waiting for William Shatner to walk through the door with more pennies! I even reproduced a set of the Mystic Seer fortune cards with the same fortunes seen in the famous episode. If you have one of the Ask Swami fortune telling machines from the 50's, you'll want one of these to place on top of it. For more detail on getting your own Mystic Seer or just the Devil Head, check out my Twilight Zone Mystic Seer web site.