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    Danger, Will Robinson!

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In Memory of Dick Tufeld

In Memory of Dick Tufeld

Dick Tufeld

(Voice of the B9 Robot)

1926 - 2012

Dick passed away at the age of 85. I never had the pleasure of meeting Dick, but he, along with Bob May were the unsung heroes of Lost in Space. Together, the two of them brought our B9 Robot to life, gave it a personality and provided it with a soul.

Dick was very gracious to the B9 Builders club and made available his talents, recording 100's of custom sayings, words and dialog. To be able to have access to the original voice talent 45 years after the show ended is unheard of. I am fortunate to be able to have his custom B9 sayings recited by my B9 replica.

When the B9 robot speaks my name, in the same voice that came out of the robot in 1966, when I was a young child, that gives me chills. Thank you Dick!