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    Danger, Will Robinson!

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    Mold Making - Part 1

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    WonderFest - Louisville, KY

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    A Project Out Of This World

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In Memory of Bob May

In Memory of Bob May

Bob May

The Man Inside the B9 Robot

1939 - 2009

Bob passed away at the age of 69. I had the pleasure of meeting Bob at several conventions. He always had a joke or story to tell. His many Lost in Space anecdotes gave a behind the scenes look at the people that made the show possible. I must have heard the story of when they left him locked inside the robot as a joke one afternoon, a dozen times. But each time I laughed.

Most importantly, Bob would listen to his fans. He loved interacting with them and answering their unending questions. He always appreciated it when one of the B9 robots appeared with him at a convention and would thank us for coming.