• I Built a Lost in Space Robot

    I Built a Lost in Space Robot

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    A Project Out Of This World

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    Make Silicone Molds

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I'm In Print

I'm In Print

A book came out about Robot Building and where to get information if you want to building your own. It's called the Robot Builder's Sourcebook. It is a must-have book for building any type of robot. It has sources for small motors and gears, plastic and molding materials as well as info on motor controllers and microcontroller. It’s a never ending resource. It also includes web page links for many amateur robot builders. My site is featured on page 205. I've got my home page pictured and everything. How cool is that? If you want to order the book you can click on the link to take you directly to Amazon. It lists for $25 but you can buy it used for much less.