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WonderFest, Louisville, KY

WonderFest 2005 - Louisville, KY

I had a wonderful time meeting other B9 Robot builders and many fans of the show. We didn't get there until 8 PM on Friday because of traffic delays. It appeared that there was a traffic accident on the only bridge that crossed the Ohio River in Cincinnati. It was a 3 hour delay. But once we got there we were greeted by Mr. Pat Burns. Pat brought his Jupiter 2 Flight Console replica. What a cool set and backdrop it provided for the whole weekend.

A special thanks to Pat Burns for coordinating the entire B9 Club attendance at the show. This guy wore a permanent smile and was non-stop from the time he arrived until the last item was packed to go. What an awesome J2 flight deck he built. It'll be really neat when it's done. Pat was building much of it on the spot. Where is he going to put it when it done is what I want to know? He kept us supplied with food and refreshments most of the weekend. He had one corner of the room set up with all the treats..

Setup went well. My son helped me out and it was greatly needed. As you may suspect, setting up a robot is not a one man job. He not a total "geekazoid" like his dad, but he is a sci-fi fan (thank you Star Wars) and he appreciated what the club members have done. I also never realized how hard it was to stand and talk with people all day.

Here I captured Mark Goddard (Major Don West) goofing in front of the set. He re-enacted the classic "campy" way they would tilt the camera and run side to side whenever the ship was hit by asteroids.

What a great guy Mark is. He puts up with all of the B9 builders, their crazy questions and poses for all fan pictures.

Look for Phil H's DVD of the event. He always had his camera going and captured some great candid moments with Bob and Mark. We were all able to witness some behind the scenes TV production. Saturday morning two different channels had live updates from the B9 Robot room. They even did the weather from in front of the Jupiter 2 consoles.

Sunday morning, they taped some TV spots for the sponsoring TV channel (TV 19 -Fueled by Fafe!) Bob was at his best, goofing around. My B9 Robot made a appearance on one of the channels with the News Girl. Don't know if anyone taped or "Tivo'd" any of it. If they did please let me know. Pat's "B9 Building Seminar" was also a great event, chock full of self-deprecating humor. The only way to stay sane while building your own B9 robot. I met Phil H., Dave H., Sam C., Bill H. Doug H. Ray D. (and daughter Taylor).

It was great to meet all of you. It's nice when you can have a lengthy conversation with a person about a soil sampler or textured torso finish and neither person thinks the other is crazy. A special "thanks" to Sam for finishing off the leftover sandwich meat Saturday night. We didn't know whether to throw it out or not, since it had been sitting there since noon. Sam didn't let it to go to waste.

Dave H. let us pose with his LIS laser pistol replica. It helped add to the "realism" of the photos I took with my robot. Doug H. had a large laser rifle on display. Even though he didn't know it, I should thank him for allowing us to hold it in a few photographs.

Bill H. has an awesome LIS panel display with some original LIS panels and a replica count down timer. I met tons of people and everyone had great things to say about my robot. It was my first show (with my robot) and it really makes it all worth it when people ask ME "how" I made such-and such a part. I'm sorry the soil sample wasn't working. I haven't had a chance to see what came loose during the trip, but I'll figure it out and make sure it doesn't happen next time.

The trip home took 3 hours less than the trip there. We must has come through a worm hole on the way back. Actually there was a 3 hour tie up on the trip down that delayed all of the folks coming from the north.



Check out more pictures from Wonderfest in St. Louis below