Fright Vision Model Contest

My First and Last Model Contest

At FV2004, they also have a model contest. There are several categories including Horror, Sci-Fi, Diorama and Comic Character. I had brought along my scratch built Twilight Zone Mystic Seer to see if I could enter it into the contest. I was not sure if it was appropriate, so I left it in the van and showed a picture of it to the contest organizer Terry Webb of Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine. He said it was fine and I was entered into the Horror category. I was up against many awesome models including Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Thing (from the original movie). It was so cool to watch people react after seeing the Mystic Seer and remembering the TZ episode. Terry tracked me down at one point and told me a few people were looking for me. I guess they were really interested in it.

I gave Terry a few of my pictures which had my web site address on them. I also placed one next to the Mystic Seer. Later a fellow B9'r handed me a note from one of them which included their email address. So I'll be contacting him directly. Hopefully others will find their way here and be able to build their own.

When the awards were presented they announced the top three prizes for each category. I was disappointed when I didn't place in the Horror category. But then they presented the "Best of Show" award and that it went to my Mystic Seer. That surprised the heck out of me. They said that it was the model that got the most comments. I won a $100 model from Amazing Figure Modeler as the prize. It was a great weekend (except for the snowstorm I had to drive home in). So, I think I may retire from Model Building Contests. I'm 1 for 1. That is unless the opportunity presents itself again.