• Danger, Will Robinson!

    Danger, Will Robinson!

  • Mold Making - Part 1

    Mold Making - Part 1

  • WonderFest - Louisville, KY

    WonderFest - Louisville, KY

  • A Project Out Of This World

    A Project Out Of This World

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Fright Vision 2004

Fright Vision 2004 - Cleveland, Ohio

My son and I attended Fright Vision in Cleveland. The B9 Robot Builders Club had on display 5 full size B9's. We had a great time and I was able to meet many of my fellow B9 builders that I have only previously chatted with online. If you missed the show, plan on attending next year as I'm sure we'll be there. I asked a lot of questions of the other builders and I took many pictures.

Both Bob May and Mark Goddard were there. I was even able to have my picture autographed by Mark. That was neat.