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Internal Electronics - Part 2

B9 Robot Internal Electronics - Part 2

I am using a car stereo for the audio inside my B9. This CD player has a few neat options. It can play MP3's so I can put 10 hours worth of audio on a single CD. Also, it can be operated by an IR remote. Just above the radio you can see the fuse panel. All my low voltage is distributed through these fuses.

Here's the whole internal stack. Not all the wiring is in place in this shot. The second layer down contains the two Oopic microcontroller and the two motor controller boards.

Bulb-O-Rama! - I am using several types of bulbs in the B9. I figured that I had better make a chart and keep some spares on hand. For several of the lights, you can choose the type of bulb/lamp socket you want to use, so don't feel like this is the only way to do it. In most cases the the bulb and socket are not visible so do whatever works for you. I've collected many bulbs and sockets over the years (think pinball machines) so I used what I had in most cases.

Where Used Voltage Base Bulb type Qty Notes
Brain lights 12 V Screw Base (Ba9S) #258 25 Miniature Flasher
Finger lights 12 V Screw Base (Ba9S) #258 7 Flashing
Large Chest lights 6.3 V T3-1/4 Bayonet Base #47 2 Modified Dialight Base
Chest Buttons (Teeth Lights ) 5 V Screw Base 2
Small belly lights 6.3 V Bayonet Base #47 12
Programming Bay light 6.3V T3-1/4 Bayonet Base #47 1