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B9 Robot Construction

Robot Updates

iB9 Interactive SoftwareThe most recent improvement to my B9 robot is the addition of some wonderful software written by members of the B9 Robot Builders Club.  The software is called the  iB9 Interactive Voice program.  Essentially it allows you to have your B9 interact with people in real-time.

It works kind of like the Wizard in the Wizard of OZ. You run the software on a laptop that is interfaced with your B9 sound system. 

I have a 20 ft. audio cable that runs into the rear vent of the torso and connects to my audio amplifier.  You can select different phrases and responses allowing you to have a conversation with a real person. 

The original voice of the robot, Dick Tufeld, provided over 400 custom phrases. Some are classic sayings and some are very humorous.  More to come.