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07/03/2013 - Updated 05:12 PM 

Build a Mystic Seer

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"You're Building What?"
"The B9 Robot" I told my family. "The robot from Lost in Space".
  I then got a strange look from my wife and a smile from my kids.


How it all started -The UPS guy had just delivered my B9 Robot Torso, so I was committed to the project. Well, actually it was my wife that thought I should be committed.
It seemed like such a big project, but with all the info and resources available and help from other Lost in Space fans, I figured that  I could handle it.  It was a challenge to see how accurate it could be, without breaking the bank.

Local Man Makes Good ...Robot!

I had a reporter contact me a few weeks ago.  Apparently he came across my web site and wanted to do a newspaper article on me in our small local newspaper. It turned out pretty good.  Click on the picture to read the entire article.  Tell me what you think.Funny thing is that's twice now my wife has called me crazy, in print!

Check out www.dplivingston.com & watch my 1962 Mercury Comet Restoration progress !

While it wouldn't be accurate down to the last screw, I believed I can conjure up a reasonable likeness that will be recognizable to most fans of the series.

I'm an Electrical Engineer, so I figured I could handle the electronics.  It was the mechanical aspects of building the B9 that would challenge me.    I chronicled my progress on these web pages with continuous updates of my progress. You can click on the different sections above in the banner to see how I built it from (almost) scratch

About Me -Who is this guy?

You can email me at

Another successful Halloween came and went.  Not as many parent were tagging along with their kids so I didn't have as many comments.  This year I hid a camera inside of a bird house that is next to the front steps, trying to catch some reactions and comments. It was fun hearing some of the comments.

  Forbes FYI Magazine did an article on building a B9 Robot in their June 20th issue.  A while ago I did phone interview with the writer.  He also interviewed several other B9 Robot Builders Club members. The article is pretty good and doesn't make us look like fools.  I would have preferred a different title, but that's the only fault I have it.  Forbes FYI Magazine is a supplement to the regular Forbes Magazine and is published every other month. 

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New Silicone Rubber Mold Making How-to Guide.  I decided to put together some guide lines for hobby mold making and plastic resin casting.  This is will not cover plastic injection molding but rather the type of molding you can do at home.  It's a collections of tips I've learned along the way.  Check it out!

Robot Updates
The most recent improvement to my B9 robot is the addition of some wonderful software written by members of the B9 Robot Builders Club.  The software is called the  iB9 Interactive Voice program.  Essentially it allows you to have your B9 interact with people in real-time.

It works kind of like the Wizard in the Wizard of OZ. You run the software on a laptop that is interfaced with your B9 sound system. 

 I have a 20 ft. audio cable that runs into the rear vent of the torso and connects to my audio amplifier.  You can select  different phrases and responses allowing you to have a conversation with a real person. 

The original voice of the robot, Dick Tufeld, provided over 400 custom phrases. Some are classic sayings and some are very humorous.  More to come.

Get your very Own

TZ Mystic Seer t-shirt.

Lost in Space - Season 3 - Vol. 1 DVD's now available.   They released season 3 as two separate sets just like season 2.   Volume 1 is now available at Amazon and volume 2 will be out on July 19th.  Clicking on the link takes you to Amazon.

In Memory of

Dick Tufeld

(Voice of the B9 Robot)

 1926 - 2012

Dick passed away at the

age of 85.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Dick, but he, along with Bob May were the unsung heroes of Lost in Space.  Together, the two of them brought our B9 Robot to life, gave it a personality and provided it with a soul.

Dick was very gracious to the B9 Builders club and made available his talents, recording 100's of custom sayings, words and dialog.  To be able to have access to the original voice talent 45 years after the show ended is unheard of.  I am fortunate to be able to have his custom B9 sayings recited by my B9 replica.  

 When the B9 robot speaks my name, in the same voice that came out of the robot in 1966, when I was a young child, that gives me chills.   Thank you Dick!

Hey, that's Mark Goddard and me on the flight deck of the Jupiter II. I met Mark at a recent Lost In Space fest and he posed with me in front of the control console.

Build your own
Twilight Zone
 Mystic Seer

or I'll build one for you!
Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Devil Head

  Twilight Zone
  Mystic Seer Replica

Learn how I constructed my very own Mystic Seer and build your own!  You can also purchase a Devil Head for your Mystic Seer or 1950's diner Swami Machine.

Back from Wonderfest

I had a wonderful time meeting other B9 Robot builders and many fans of the show.  One of our club members even built a Jupiter 2 Flight Console.  Here I captured Mark Goddard (Major Don West) goofing in front of the set.  He re-enacted the classic "campy" way they would tilt the camera and run side to side whenever the ship was hit by asteroids.

Check out more info and pictures from

 Wonderfest in St. Louis

  More Stories - Page 2

Check out my Brain page to see the video of my finger lights and crown in action.!

meandmark-signed1.jpg (119618 bytes)

I finished attaching my Knees to the tread section.  Check out my Knee page for details.


Bubble Bubble - Toil and Trouble -  Finally drilled my bubble and mounting plate.  Check out the problems I ran into (crack!)

All 156 episodes of the Twilight Zone TV series have been released on 45 DVDs.  They are split into 5 collections of 9 DVDs each.

I have all the episodes in my Twilight Zone  index so you know which collection to buy, just in case you can't afford them all

I've added an Internal Electronics page where I will feature some of the electronic circuits I am using.

I've decided to redesign and reprogram my Soil Sampler. It now has a faster motor and new motor controller.

Reproduction Toy Parts
I've branched off into making reproduction toy parts. Take a peek at what I offer.

James Bond - Gilbert Aston Martin Passenger.  The guy that James Bond Ejects through the roof.

Also for the Gilbert Aston Martin Bumper Overriders.  These are the two small bumpers that extend from the front bumper

Rear View Side MirrorsHub Caps - Including the Tire Slasher

Secret Sam - Orange Button. The one that is always broken.

Be sure to visit my wife's site for

 Rug Hooking Patterns


I'm in PRINT!
A new book came out about Robot Building and where to get information if you want to building your own. It's called the  Robot Builder's Sourcebook

It is a must-have book for building any type of robot.    It has sources for small motors and gears, plastic and molding materials.  Info on motor controllers and microcontroller.  A never ending resource.  It also includes web page links for many amateur robot builders.  My site is featured on page 205.  I've got my home page pictured and everything.How cool is that?  If you want to order the book you can click on the link to take you directly to Amazon.  It lists for $25 but they sell it for much less (about $16.50).

lostinspacecastgoofy.jpg (69831 bytes)

The Lost in Space crew mugging for the camera.

 All controlled by a Basic Stamp micro-controller.  It's also remote controlled. Check it out

I finished the wrist inserts which contain the spring loaded mechanism for the claws.  More details here

Check out my  new RF remote control which I added because my IR remote control didn't perform as well as I had hoped.

I am going to incorporate many automated features into the robot such as a rotating torso, a bubble that raises and lowers as well as actual robot voice with  synchronized neon mouth.

Lost In Space

Word Search, Find all the Lost In Space related words.  Can you find the mystery word? You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the word search.

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